Catherine Seisson is the owner and founder of La Baguette Magique, the first and unique traditional French Bakery in the West Chester area: a true and authentic French bakery/café that specializes in hand-made, traditional breads,  sandwiches, and old-fashioned tarts and treats. Catherine is passionate about delicious homemade food that is wholesome and nutritious. Catherine is French and grew up in France. She graduated from Lyon II University with a degree in Medical and Pharmacological Translation. After 23 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, with bases in Toronto and Pennsylvania, she decided to go back to school and learn how to bake, which was what she wanted to do as a little girl… she made a bold and decisive career change. After graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière François Rabelais in France, she worked as a baker for various bakeries in France and in the US to continue her training while preparing the move from France to US to realize her dream: bake at La Baguette Magique.

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