Catherine Seisson

Catherine Seisson was raised in France, the daughter of a husband-wife team of professional caterers, but spent more than twenty years as a deputy director of regulatory operations in the pharmaceutical industry before turning her considerable focus and passion to baking. A year spent at École Hôteliere François Rabelais was enough to convince her that opening a bakery should be her next project. Internships at Amy’s Bread (New York City) and Lorraine Bakery (Lynchburg, Virginia) followed, as well as the decision to launch her business in the U.S., where she had spent considerable time during business travel. A member of Les Ambassadeurs du Pain and The Bread Bakers Guild of America, Seisson is now the founder and owner of La Baguette Magique in West Chester, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, where she has embraced old-world baking methods to introduce France’s long tradition of bread-baking to the residents of her new hometown. In just two years, the bakery has won multiple awards, including the 2016 Best of West Chester award, Best French Cuisine from County Lines Magazine in 2016, and Critics’ Choice Best Overall Bakery in 2017 from Mainline Today magazine.